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Frequently asked questions

Easy. After you run the application you'll see two windows, one is Control Panel and the other is Output. So you just capture the Output window with Encoder (Obs, Vmix, XSplit and etc.) and apply Chromakey effect. Check Documentation section.

Windows 7 SP2 or higher;
For the Futsal Pro, the screen resolution is not less than 1920x1080;
Any generation Core i3 processor or higher, 2Gb RAM
50 megabytes of free hard disk space;
Internet connection (required to check the license when starting the program, then the program works without the Internet)

Yes. Right now I'm working on brand new graphics and new Pro version for Soccer. After that Baskteball Pro and Hockey Pro will be released. Other sports are made on demand.

One license for two PC.

Yes, indeed, antiviruses swear at applications that they do not trust, potentially considering it dangerous. To prevent this from happening, before downloading, disable the antivirus or add the file to the exclusions. The app does not contain viruses or other malware.

In accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation (this is where the Company Registered), the buyer has the right to refuse the ordered goods at any time before receiving it.

The return of the goods after receipt is not possible due to the fact that the buyer acquires the right to use, which belongs to the objects of copyright and is protected as a literary work (Civil Code of the Russian Federation, part 4, article 1259). In turn, non-periodical publications in accordance with the Law on the Protection of Consumer Rights of the Russian Federation (Chapter 2, Article 25) refer to the list of non-food products that are not subject to return or exchange (as amended by the RF Government Decisions No. 1222 dated 20.10.1998, 02/06/2002 No. 81).

The fact of receiving the goods is considered to be the generation of a registration key and the sending of the key and the full version of the software product to the User.

To get acquainted with the functionality of the program, you can download Trial version of all applications for free in Downloads.

All updates are free of charge for the users who bought the application.

Select and download the program you want to purchase from the list. Make payment using a valid mailbox. After payment, within 24 hours the license key will be sent to your e-mail adress. Just paste it to the Software directory and you are done!

Very soon! Approximate date of early release (Soccer Lite) is July 2021.

Just fill in the contact form in Contacts and I'll reply you asap. I reply all the e-mails.