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Software development

There are more than a hundred thousand sports in the world and unfortunately it is impossible to make graphics for all of them. Yes, of course, there are the most popular sports such as football, basketball, hockey, Martial Art and others, but there are, for example, bobsleigh, ski jumps. slalom. Of course, these all are very popular winter sports, but it is not possible to find a live broadcast package for affordable price.

For such sports, I offer my services as a Software Engineer for the development of a graphics package for your sports broadcasts. What should you do for this? Write me an email asking me to consider creating such software. It will be just great if you provide a few screenshots of the graphics and tell what elements should be present, how points are awarded and etc. 

Oh, my God, this is incredibly expensive - you might say! 

Not really. It all depends on the complexity of the project. The price can be from 100 euros per project and up to infinity....I'm kidding )) Take a look at the sample application. The development of this application cost the customer only €100. Agree that this is a very low price for developing a personal application. Why is it so cheap? I just like to develop software that helps people.

Important to notice that the final price of the application depends on the usage of the Software. If the application is transferred on exclusive rights, the price of the Software will immediately increase tenfold. If the software is transferred on non-exclusive rights, which means that in the future this software can be sold to other users, the price will be more than loyal.

If you have any questions about the development, please contact me!