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Scoreboard Application - Software for titling sport events

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System requirements:

Intel Core i3, 2GB Ram, video card, Windows 7 (SP2) or later, Lan or wifi adapter (used to check the license during program launch)

Software includes:
- Animated graphics
- Score
- Timer
- Reverse Timer
- Additional time
- Lineup
- Yellow and red cards
- Substitutions
- Central lower third with goal scorers name, score, and the logos of the teams
- Displaying the Competition or League logo next to the timer and in the squads.
- Custom Keybinds
- Update notification

User can change the color of almost every element. The program will load the user's last color scheme the next time it is launched. The Software uses the «5 seconds» rule. After displaying some titles (for example, goal, yellow card, etc.), the title is automatically hidden after five seconds and the main title appears in the upper left corner. The additional time caption turns on automatically after a user-specified amount of time.