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Attention! Only the Russian version of this license agreement (EULA) is official. The translation below is for your information only. Russian version of the agreement will prevail if there is a conflict between this English reference translation and the official Russian version of the agreement.

End-User-License-Agreement (EULA)

This license agreement (hereinafter referred to as the Agreement) is a legal document concluded between the end user – an individual or legal entity (hereinafter referred to as the User) and IP Abbasov Ravil Yasharovich (OGRNIP 316774600380973) represented by Abbasov Ravil Yasharovich.

The agreement regulates the legal relationship between the User and the copyright Holder regarding the use of software under the single name Scoreboard App and posted on the site


If you do not agree to any of the terms below, you should not pay for, download, or use this SOFTWARE.
We care about your privacy. Some software components provide for sending or receiving data when using them. Your registration data and certain other information about You are subject to the Policy regarding the processing of personal data. By accepting the terms of this agreement and using the software, you agree that the copyright Holder may collect, use and disclose information at the request of the police or other government agencies upon their written request.


1.1 Software Scoreboard App (Software product, SOFTWARE) – software for embedding graphic elements in sports television and Internet broadcasts.


2.1. The principle of licensing FOR Scoreboard App — one copy FOR Scoreboard App on two physical devices (PCs).

2.2. Each physical device is set to your instance VIA the Scoreboard App, which requires registration key. The software key is used for SOFTWARE licensing and can be installed on two physical devices.

2.3. The distribution Of the Scoreboard App SOFTWARE and its documentation are provided to the User by sending them the e-mail address specified when paying for the license. The documentation can also be downloaded by the User from the official web resources of the copyright Holder.


3.1. In accordance with this agreement, the copyright Holder (licensor) transfers to the User (licensee) the rights to use the Scoreboard App SOFTWARE under the terms of a simple (non-exclusive) license within the limits specified in this Agreement. The copyright Holder reserves the exclusive rights to the Scoreboard App SOFTWARE.

3.2. The copyright Holder grants the user the right to use the Scoreboard App SOFTWARE in accordance with its intended purpose (clause 1.1).

3.3. This Agreement does not grant the User any rights in respect of trademarks or names belonging to the copyright Holder.

3.4. The franchisor reserves the right, at its discretion, eliminate or add to the functional features, program modifications, improvements and updates FOR Scoreboard App, the new version Scoreboard App. New versions of the Scoreboard App SOFTWARE may contain bug fixes and/or new improved feature sets, while some features / features that were in previous versions may be excluded or changed.

3.5. This Software product is protected by copyright laws and international agreements. Therefore, the User must treat the Software product in the same way as other copyrighted materials.

3.6. The copyright Holder is not obligated to provide the User with bug fixes, other SOFTWARE versions, SOFTWARE updates, error-free SOFTWARE versions and/or upgrades to the Scoreboard App SOFTWARE.

3.7. If the copyright Holder provides SOFTWARE updates, the use of any update is possible only if you have a valid license and agree to the terms of this Agreement.

3.8. The copyright Holder has the right to integrate into the Scoreboard App software security software designed to confirm the fact of using the PC Program in accordance with the current legislation. Such remedies can receive, send and process data related to the use Scoreboard App, consider the number of instances FOR Scoreboard App, the startup time FOR Scoreboard App, and the name of PC, IP address and other information.

3.9. The copyright Holder has the right to use the license management software in order to control the use of the Scoreboard App SOFTWARE.


4.1. The user undertakes not to make a Scoreboard App with the following:
- work around any technical limitations in the software Scoreboard App.
- post BY Scoreboard App, providing other individuals the opportunity to copy, or otherwise distribute it;
- modify, adapt, translate into other languages integrate with other software;
- disassemble, decompile or make any other actions that may result in a Program's source code;
- to remove alphanumeric identifiers, trademarks, logos, copyright notices, or other insignia;
- to copy the Program from a known fixed or non-operational self-protection;
- to use the Program in volume beyond the limits set by this Agreement.
Otherwise violate the copyrights and property rights of the right holder (Licensor).


5.1. The User has the right to use the Scoreboard App SOFTWARE in all cases that do not violate the terms of this Agreement and the legislation of the country in which they are located.

5.2. The User has the right to use the Scoreboard App SOFTWARE Worldwide without any restrictions.


6.1. The User is liable to the copyright Holder for violation of clause 4.1. of this Agreement. In case of violation, the User undertakes to compensate the Rightholder for losses (both direct and indirect), as well as for lost profits resulting from the violation of the contractual terms in full. The amount of losses and lost profits is determined by the Rightholder unilaterally on the basis of accounting documents and certificates, and this amount can only be challenged in court.

6.2. The User independently resolves disputes with third parties regarding the use of the Scoreboard App SOFTWARE. The right Holder cannot be held liable for disputes with third parties in a recourse procedure.

6.3 If it is established that the user has transferred the license key TO third parties, the copyright Holder has the right to cancel the license, which will lead to the failure of the copy of the User's SOFTWARE.


7.1. The copyright Holder is not liable to the User or other third parties for:
- indirect, incidental, special, and indirect damages resulting from the User's use of the Scoreboard App SOFTWARE;
- for lost profits, lost revenue, lost sales, lost data, expenses for purchasing substitute products or services resulting from the User's use of the Scoreboard App;
- damage to property, personal injury, suspension of business, loss of commercial information, as well as for other actual, direct, indirect, incidental, financial losses resulting from the use of the Scoreboard App SOFTWARE;
- other direct and indirect damages that arise for any reason, regardless of whether they arise in connection with this Agreement, violation of civil law, negligence, disputed legal relations or obligations arising from the use or inability to use the Scoreboard App SOFTWARE.

7.2. The copyright Holder is not responsible for the publication and use by the User of any personal data of third parties.

7.3. The copyright Holder does not bear any financial responsibility to the user of the Scoreboard App.

7.4. The Scoreboard App SOFTWARE is provided "AS IS", in accordance with the principle generally accepted in international practice. This means that for problems arising in the process of installation, update, support and operation of Software (including compatibility issues with other software (packages, drivers, etc.), problems arising from ambiguous interpretation of the accompanying documentation, inconsistency of results using the Program, User expectations, etc.), the right holder is not responsible. The user must understand that he is fully responsible for possible negative consequences caused by incompatibilities or conflicts between the Program and other software products installed on the same User device.

7.5. The copyright Holder does not compensate the User for losses incurred in connection with the use and/or inability to use the Program, disclosure of information to third parties in connection with the use of the Program, and other losses directly or indirectly related to the use and/or inability to use the Program, including lost profits.

8. PAYMENT FOR rights of USE

8.1. The copyright Holder does not make any additional payments for using the Scoreboard App SOFTWARE, except for the published cost on the copyright Holder's website or based on the invoice issued for SOFTWARE customization. The copyright holder reserves the right to charge a fee for the subsequent granted right to use other components of the Scoreboard App SOFTWARE.

8.2. All rights to improvements, improvements and corrections related TO the Scoreboard App software belong to Ravil Yasharovich Abbasov, even if they were developed on the basis of feedback, ideas and suggestions from the User in any form. The user does not have the right to expect any compensation, including royalties, for such improvements.


9.1. During the term of this agreement, the User will not challenge the rights of an owner and to help.

9.2. On cases of illegal use by third parties in the territory of this agreement, is made known to the User, it shall promptly notify the right holder.


10.1. This agreement comes into force when installing, copying, downloading or otherwise using the Scoreboard App SOFTWARE, provided that the user installs the Scoreboard App SOFTWARE.

10.2. The present agreement is of indefinite duration.

10.3. The User's Rights are terminated immediately without prior notice by the copyright Holder if the User violates any of the provisions of this Agreement. In this case, the User must immediately remove the Scoreboard App SOFTWARE from the physical devices or systems where it was installed.

10.4. Upon termination of this Agreement, the User must stop using the Scoreboard App SOFTWARE. The User's continued use of the Scoreboard App SOFTWARE after termination of this Agreement is counterfeit and violates the exclusive rights of the copyright Holder to the Scoreboard App SOFTWARE. In this case, measures are applied to protect the exclusive rights of the copyright Holder, as well as liability for their violation, provided for by the current legislation of the country in which the license for the Scoreboard App SOFTWARE was purchased.

10.5. The copyright Holder reserves the right to make changes to this License agreement at any time without notifying the User. Such changes take effect on the date specified by the copyright Holder and are published on the copyright Holder's website.


11.1.In the event of disputes between the copyright Holder and the User on issues provided for in this agreement or in connection with it, the parties will take all measures to resolve them through negotiations between themselves.

11.2. If an agreement is not reached during the negotiations, the interested Party within 14 (fourteen) calendar days from the date of completion of the negotiations sends a claim in writing, signed by an authorized person. The claim must be sent using means of communication that record its sending and receiving (registered or courier mail, Telegraph, etc.), or handed over to the other Party against a receipt.

11.3 The claim must be accompanied by documents justifying the claims made by the interested Party (if the other Party does not have them), and documents confirming the authority of the person who signed the claim. These documents must be submitted in the form of duly certified copies. A claim sent without documents confirming the authority of the person who signed it is considered undeclared and cannot be considered.

11.4 The party to which the claim is sent is obliged to review the received claim and notify the interested Party in writing about the results within 14 (fourteen) calendar days from the date of receipt of the claim.

11.5 If it is not possible to settle the dispute in accordance with the claim procedure provided for in paragraphs 11.2-11.4, the specified dispute is referred to the court at the location of the copyright Holder.